Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons

Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head

Character Creation:
You may be any race, any class, any time period, any technology level. You are not tied to this world’s history, so be creative. All characters will be level one and concepts must be approved before stats are rolled.

This is primarily a social game. You may choose any weapons or equipment you wish, but please remember that there may be very little actual combat in this game. Remember to choose skills and feats accordingly. Again, you are welcome to choose whatever is going to best represent your character.

Special notes:
At character creation, you must choose three things of which your character is deeply terrified. These may constitute traditional phobias (enclosed spaces, spiders, drowning, etc) or may be more offbeat, such as a specific social anxiety (popular girls), an obscure literary reference (that horrible gorilla) or a nonsense object (clowns). Do not share these fears with other players, but send them via Private Message to your GM.

At character creation, you must also choose something your character believes in. You may choose to be atheist or cynical, but be prepared with an extensive character background if you wish to have this kind of advantage.

Original Material
For this game, there are several homebrew options. These options are located in Character options.

New Races

  • Vulcans – Based on the classic Star Trek race, but with limitations appropriate to Pathfinder PCs.
  • avariel – winged elves.
  • Moderns – Not so much a new race as a template that may be applied to humanoid PCs and NPCs to reflect living between 1980 and 2020. This template is in addition to your chosen race (within reason).

New Feats

  • Companion: You gain a companion animal who comforts and stabilizes you. Companions may be chosen from most standard pet creatures as approved by your GM. Companions have no special powers or intelligence, but may fight beside you if provoked. Benefit: You get a + 5 bonus on saving throws verses fear effects.
  • Children of the Information Age: see Character options.
  • Wikipedia Addiction: see Character options.

New Skills

  • Modern skills – these variations on traditional Pathfinder skills represent how knowledge and technology have changed for modern characters. These skills can be acquired by non-modern characters through training with a modern.

Phobias: selection and adjudication

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Oranges and Lemons

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